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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 14, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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people listen to a father the man's son was killed by police in ferguson missouri and today he tries to stir a bay area crowd to action. >> michael brown sr. the father of the black teen killed in ferguson talked to third baptist church in the city tonight. christian captain is live at the church you met with him at a service was a call to action. >>reporter: it certainly was. there were more than a dozen speakers in addition to michael
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brown sr. the audience packed the pews at third baptist church this afternoon the crowd eager to hear michael brown sr. speak about the loss of his son and unrest followed the decision to not indict ferguson police officer darren wilson. >> this is a major fight going on i got to stand up. enough is enough is brown's comments came after a dozen speakers addressed racial inquality police brutality towards the african-american community. >> it's rejected by the government and the government we know is the police. >>reporter: since brown's death and the death of eric garner protesters have taken to the streets of san francisco, oakland and berkeley.
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tonight brown thanked the audience for fighting for change. >> we got to stand strong. >>reporter: rev. amos brown who hosted his visit said he hopes the visit would spur the bay area to further action. >> for one thing the local people here have been energized. they will provide the leadership. >>reporter: it really was a call to action everything from wanting to see more black police officers to see a more revolutionary approach by a former black panther. the focus is to turn the unrest into political will. >> we'll see how it all turns out. thank you christian. new details on those disturbing effigies that appeared on the uc berkeley campus yesterday. ktvu has chosen not to show them because of their graphic nature. today a bay area artist collective claimed responsibility. the three cardboard cutouts of
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black people were found hanging by nooses as students gathered for protests. a group of artists says it is behind behind it. a statement included an apology to black americans saying quote each image represents a true life ended by an unimaginable act of ignorance and human cruelty. a san jose police department has confirmed it is looking into some controversy at twitter posts by one of its officers. post were aimed at protesters demonstrating against the police killings of unarmed black men. officer phillip white tweeted by the way if anybody feels they can't breathe or lives matter i will be at the movies off duty carrying my gun. another tweet read threaten me or my family i will use my god given laura pointed right and duty to kill you.
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the tweets have since been removed. the department says it is reviewing the officers' actions and will have more to say once that review is complete. rainfall totals really adding up after a few decent december storms and just when the bay area is starting to dry out there you see it more rain. in fact it's already raining in parts of the bay area. >> this may just be the beginning. meteorologist mark miles tracking the possibility of a messy commute tomorrow morning. >> that will be a factor. multiple storms lighting up offshore. last week we were trying to describe a very active week and once again we're tracking rain clouds offshore. rainfall over the past 5 days numbers adding up. upwards of 3, 4, 5, 7 approaching 8 to 9 inches with san francisco, 3.65 inches. here is the next storm already beginning to move into parts of the bay area in terms of cloud cover light shower activity.
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the main dynamics pushing in for tomorrow. here you can see live storm tracker 2 the multiple doppler sweeps picking up some rainfall and coverage over the past few hours in the northbay here santa rosa towards sonoma. the southern half of the region, hayward fremont some yellow cells indicating toward the san mateo bridge haywood and union city. you can see more yellows and reds showing up out here. this indicates the storm system will be producing some rainfall as we head into the overnight hours. forecast model does paint a wet commute first thing tomorrow morning at 7:00 lasting into the early portion of the afternoon by 1:00. but then some changes by later in the day by 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 as we head into the evening hours. the key headline plan on another storm pushing into the area in time for the monday morning commute. there's another storm behind it we'll talk about that coming up
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in a few minutes. flags in connecticut flew at half staff to remember those killed two years ago today in the sandy hook elementary school massacre. although new town did not hold any public ceremonies a vigil in hartford this evening marked the tragedy. a group working to end gun violence says sandy hook will be forever in their hearts and minds. >> a service like this can help our group step up, step out to remember, to pray together and to recommit our lives to ending violence. >> the gunman shot and killed 20 first graders and 6 teachers. 20-year-old adam lanza was armed with an assault rifle with a high capacity magazine along with other weapons he started the rampage by killing his mother and ended it with his suicide. new town leveled the school that was the site of the attack. that commemoration was one of many held across the country the past few days including one tonight in fremont where we
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heard from a young man who experienced the gun massacre at his school in california. what activists say has and has not been done since sandy hook. >>reporter: impossible to forget that day or the outcry that followed. but critics say very little has changed since. >> virginia tech. columbine, aurora. >>reporter: names, places forever linked. >> new town, fort hood. >>reporter: places of horror and sorrow. america's gun massacres. >> we will stand up to violence. we stand together expressing our unity. >>reporter: in fremont on church steps interfaith vigil remembered victims. >> laura was working at a mental health clinic while home on college break when a man with severe mental illness shot her three times. >>reporter: in the two years since sandy hook there have been 100 more school shootings while 8 states have tightened
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gun laws 27 have expanded gun rights. >> this is not something where folks are going to be studying the issue for 6 months and publishing a report that gets read and then pushed aside. >>reporter: despite public support and pleas from sandy hook parents, congress stalled on expanding background checks to gun shows online sales and classified ads. >> that is a shame on congress. that is terrible after sandy hook and after all these parents talked to them yet they still did not pass this. >> the apartment i was in this bullet holes. >>reporter: then santa barbara. a 22-year-old with an arsenal and vendetta killed 6 college students and wounded 13 others. >> why does this happen over and over again. >>reporter: a student then this young man is involved in reform now after what he witnessed. >> i just wonder how you know this troubled young man was
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able to acquire 41 loaded magazines and 3 handguns. that's a change we need in the system. >>reporter: california has a new law now allowing guns to be temporarily taken away from someone if their family convinces a judge they are a threat. >> congress isn't going to do this, then we are. we'll do it state by state. and california always leads the way. >> in this time of national remembrance. >>reporter: prayers for new town in any language, any faith expressing the same hope. >> let us establish harmony and peace, amen. >>reporter: just last week a new non-partisan alliance was announced. 200 state lawmakers dedicated to combating gun violence working on such things as interstate trafficking and pack ground checks in their words doing on the state level what washington did not do. >> this is this mental aspect to all of this.
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>> the mental health aspect. with this gun restraining order families who are worried can actually do something about that and along with that there's another new law. it instructs police officers if they are sent to check up on someone to look up their gun ownership first. rodger in eye la vistas was visited by sheriff's deputies. he acted like he was fine. developing news out of australia where at least one gunman has taken a number of hostages in sydney at least 3 people ran from the back entrance of the shop. it's not clear if they were released or if they escaped. television images showed hostages holding a black flag. the symbol has been used bynum russ groups including islamic
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jihadists as the australia prime minister early sized they call it deeply concerning. >> we are being tested today in sydney. the police are being tested, the public is being tested, but whatever the test we will face it head-on and we will remain a strong democratic civil society. >> the hostage-taking prompted the evacuation of construction workers at the sidney opera house. in september of this year police conducted a series of major anti-terrorism raids across sydney. police say the raids were prompted by intelligence reports that islamic extremists were planning to be head a person in that city. a 29-year-old texas man who crossed into north korea appeared at a news conference today where he denounceed america's domestic and foreign policys. he crossed from china.
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martinez's mother says her son is bi-polar he traveled to china in november after he was released from a psychiatric hospital. he criticized the u.s. for alleged human rights violations. >> the illegal war carried out against the nation of iraq as a per example the u.s. government acts like a mafia enterprise. >> a spokesman said they are aware he's in north korea he did not provide any additional information. a suspicious death is a possible homicide. officers found a man with a gunshot wound alone in a car at 9:30 this morning near ken on worth and victoria avenue. paramedics were called but police say the unidentified man died at the scene. investigators have not yet released any other details about the man's death. union city police hope a picture will help them find a
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mentally ill man. 42-year-old jason morton went missing. 5'11" weighs 135 pounds. he left his care facility on santa cruz way and may have gone to the union landing shopping center. he suffers from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. now that he's back home this pay area combat vet has a new fight on his hands i found out how he's using his music to try to make life better for fellow veterans. for the first time since a number of sexual assault allegations bill cosby breaks his silence, the comedian's remarks about his wife and what the media should be doing regarding those charges.
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carrying those products in the store. ♪ share your ideas, tell us on facebook. . former vice-president dick cheney today defended the harsh interrogation techniques used by the c.i.a. following the september 11 terror attacks. california senator dianne feinstein released that nearly 500 page report on the c.i.a.'s tactics last week. the report determined the efforts failed to get information about terrorist attacks. cheney blasted the report and said the techniques worked to protect the u.s. >> we've avoided another mass casualty attack against the united states we did capture bin laden and those responsible
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for the attack on 9/11. i would do it again in a minute. >> people who are so angered by the attacks of 9/11 their first motivation is do whatever is necessary to make sure there's never -- >> republican senator john mccain contain a victim of torture during the vietnam war said the techniques were torture and violated the geneva convention. on taking office president obama banned torture by the c.i.a. a government spending plan is headed to the president's desk. the vote averted a government shut down like the one occurred a year ago. the vote came after days of firey speeches and a failed effort by texas senator ted cruz to cut home lands security funds that could be used for president obama's executive order easing immigration restrictions. >> most democrats and republicans will have the opportunity to show america whether they stand with the president who is defying the will of the voters or with the
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millions of americans who want a safe and legal immigration system. >> junior senator from texas is wrong wrong wrong on several counts. the most important for us this evening is an attack on this bill because it's not an appropriate place to debate the constitutionality of any executive branch action. >> the spending bill provides funding for most of the government through september it only funds the department of homeland security until the end of february. at that time the republicans will have majority control in both houses of congress. the drop in pump prices may be a welcome sight for bay area drivers but some on wall street worry what the low cost means in the long run. the price of crude has dropped 40% this year. on friday u.s. oil dropped below $58 a barrel to a five year how. the dow posted its largest weekly drop since 2011. oil companies and their shareholders worry slumping oil
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demand signals growth outside of the u.s. is weaker than previously thought analysts say they expect the price to continue to drop. >> usually when we fall on a long term basis it falls quicker than you think. >> analysts say an increase in global oil production coupled with increasing grand in europe and other parts of the world are driving oil prices lower. the current average price of a gallon on stands at 2.55. here in the bay area rices aren't quite that low. san francisco the average is 3.02 that's down more than 65 cents from a year ago. san jose and oakland it's 2.88 a gallon. comedian bill cosby has broken his silence about the allegations of sexual assault against him. he spoke by phone to the new
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york post. hehe urged objectivity from african-american media saying quote, i only expect the black media to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism and when you do that you have to go in with a neutral minds. then he told the reporter he's not supposed to talk to the press and ended the conversation. the golden gate bridge draws tourists and locals alike but it drew a few protesters. it's a once a month appearance for code pink. this time the event had a message that's been shared in protests across the country. >>reporter: the group called code pink mijares so frequently across the golden debate their pink props are faded. today a few new signs. >> this was a good opportunity to tie in the two messages. >>reporter: added to their regular message of peace. >> no justice no peace when
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people are 0 pressed they need justice they need peace. >> countless others shot down by the police. >>reporter: another addition to this code pink march. >> this isn't just a black problem. >>reporter: youth. >> it's very gratifying to see young people who believe they are being 0 pressed finally finding a voice. >> i have flowers and i was giving them to the cops because i want there to be a peaceful protest. >>reporter: protesters walked across the golden gate bridge under the watchful eye of chp and cruisers on foot and bikes. >> the more the better. police make us look powerful. >>reporter: as protests go this one wasn't a traffic stopper but it didn't have to be to get some people's attention. > ment seems there was a good night somewhere by a policeman. that's what i picked up. >>reporter: the message was
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pick up in tourist photo ops to be shared in other parts of the world giving a small group protest a bigger voice. at the golden gate bridge noel walker ktvu channel 2 news. despite the rain tomorrow is expected to be the busiest day of the year for the u.s. postal service. many locations are offering service 7 days a week now including on christmas day to keep up with the amount of mail that's going out. more than 640 million cards letters and packages all expected to be processed tomorrow alone. if you plan to send out holiday cards keep this in mind december 20th is the deadline to ensure delivery by christmas. december 23rd is the deadline sending packages. the alameda ferry will
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resume service tomorrow. the project allows the san francisco bay ferry to use any of its boats at the alameda station and allow flexibility for emergencies it reopens tomorrow morning at 5:00. a frantic weekend of clean up in parts of the bay area after last week's big storm. the one business that told us the recent rain brought the best week of business it's ever seen. >> this is a very serious thing and we're looking to go out and fight it. >> combat veteran and bay area firefighter turned rocker starts a new fight. the mission his band is on to help other veterans in need. our next storm already moving in to parts of the bay area. coming up how much rainfall your monday forecast, the timing of storm number 2 and when a dry weather pattern pays us a visit in the five-day forecast.
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my whole life, i didn't have because it was too expensive. as a professional dancer, i tend to beat up my body a lot,
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and having health insurance is a priority for me. it's a relief to be able to keep the same doctor. i was born with a back condition that required surgery. i'm paying a fraction of what i used to pay. even with my back issues. i'm able to afford health insurance. i'm in. i'm in. for the first time ever. you too can enjoy quality health coverage. to enroll, or find free in-person help, go to . the words can be haunting a young bay area must six knows all too well about the pain and
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suffering humans can inflict on one another and themselves. but there's also hope and inspiration here and that's really what this man's music is all about. >> i sat down with this young man who dropped his gun and is now using a guitar as a weapon for change. >>reporter: john preston is a palo alto firefighter an aspiring musician and iraq war veteran. >> i was sergeant of the guard over there as well as mission squad leader. 120 combat missions. >>reporter: like many veterans he faced new battles after he left the service. he said one of his fellow marines survived iraq but almost lost everything after he came home. >> i actually watched my best friend go through doing from having trouble to doing on a meth bender to basically losing his family. >>reporter: so he put to music what he cone tell his friend in person. >> i wasn't able to tell him
10:26 pm
what was happening. i couldn't express it through our own words hey, man you're falling apart. >>reporter: the song your war is over chronicles the fight with ptsd facing millions of vets. . >> there's one in five of us that are actually diagnosed with ptsd and one in five out of 3 million iraq and afghanistan veterans. that's quite a few of us that have just gotten back that we're still young and now dealing with these issues. >>reporter: john and fellow vets record aid five song ep. it's been getting some air play and is being spread on social media among veterans groups he's donated 30% of the proceeds to boot campaign to help other vets struggling with their new battles. the war is over but not the fight. >> we're all people, everyone
10:27 pm
knows dealt something they are dealing with depression this is a very serious thing and we're looking to fight it. >>reporter: the john preston band performs benefit shows for veterans and hope to do some shows here in the bay area soon. gosh, it's really an unbelievable stat one in fifa mazeing. >> and he's doing what he can to help it's a long struggle for these guys. >> nice to see. but it seems music is his outlet his way of reaching people nice to see that thank you ken. >> one of the state's biggest reservoirs is changing for the better but voters don't get too excited just yet. why you will be disappointed even though folsom lake has risen 7 feet. plus. >> we have to clean it up and come back a place to get our life back to normal. >> clean up from the last storm is underway now there's another round of rain on the way. the problem work crews may be seeing a lot more of this week.
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. take a look everybody. storm tracker 2 showing the first phase of rain moving through the bay area. we've seen a lot more green show up on storm tracker 2 within the last hour and this rain is expected to pick up overnight. just as people continue to cleaning up from last week's big storm now comes preparations for more wet weather. christina rendon learned falling trees remain a big problem. >>reporter: just as flooded streets are drying out the bay area is bracing for more rain. >> hopefully the pumps work and it doesn't flood again when the rains come. >>reporter: residents at this mobile home park in redwood city are still cleaning up after thursday's storm that left them underwater. >> we have to clean it up and come back. try to get our life back to normal. >>reporter: aside from water damage many people are seeing tree damage. terry's tree service is busy removing do you understand
10:31 pm
trees all over alameda and contra costa counties like this massive one that fell just 6 inches from the back door of deborah roberto's home in oakland. >> i opened the door and almost got poked in the eye by the branches that's how close it was. we've got to get that down tonight before it rains. >> because the ground is very wet right now and the tree is very heavy. >>reporter: people are flocking to stores to prep again. last week's wet weather was the busiest mid says in history for hayward ace hard ware they are buying boots tarps gutter cleaners. >> i went to the hardware to purchase caulking for my window. >>reporter: people living in low-lying areas does them no good. >> there's not much we can do. you clean up hopefully it doesn't get pad, and just cope with it. >>reporter: another thing people might want to plan for tomorrow is the morning commute. just leave a little early and give yourself some extra time
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because of the rain. reporting in oakland. christina rendon ktvu channel 2 news. more details on how the recent storms are affecting our reservoirs during the past week folsom lake near sacramento has risen 7 feet. but it needs a lot more before officials can raise the 5 miles an hour speed limit for boats. one paddle boater said the situation is much better now. >> this used to be all exposed right here. used to go out like a peninsula now it's all covered. it's really nice. >> definitely an improvement. >> absolutely. >> and more rain to come. >> hoping for it. >> it's fantastic. it's fantastic. it's really moving stuff around that's what we need. >> folsom lake is at 37% capacity. that's a little better than lake orrville and lake shasta both running less than a third of capacity. police are working to try to track down the shooter who killed a man in east oakland. officers responded to a report of gunshots on 85th avenue after 8:00 last night. police say the victim was
10:33 pm
suffering from several gunshot wounds he was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators have not released any information. we know the name of the sauce lee do landlord killed by one of his tenants. 57-year-old david richard morgan. police discovered his body inside a townhome. his tenant 51-year-old konrad justin smith was arrested after an 8 hour stand off with police. homicide detectives believe the two men got into a heathed argument on wednesday. officers responded the a medical call for help that's where they found morgan dead. berkeley city council will hold its meeting in a much larger venue to accommodate what is expected to be a very large crowd. you may remember last week's meeting was canceled when hundreds of demonstrators said they planned to attend. many of them gathered outside city hall. they are upset about recent grand jury decisions not to indict white police officers in the deaths f unarmed black men they are also upset with the police response to protests in
10:34 pm
berkeley. tuesday's meeting is scheduled to be held at 7:00 p.m. at longfellow middle school auditorium there on derby street. # years ago tonight 33- year-old ashley yam up he was killed in san rafael. here's video of a past memorial. despite a $50,000 reward her killer has never been found. every year friends and family gather on 4th street in san rafael that's where ashley's body was found sexually assaulted and strangled. they say they want to raise awareness in the community that the person responsible for her death is still out there. the nice list was a long one one oakland neighborhood where santa showed up a little bit early to hand out good wishes and gifts. there were men telephone smiles as the oakland firefighters random acts group passed out the presents. it followed a get together that included food and song. >> i think it's a fun get together for our children and to give them something to be happy about because our
10:35 pm
children go through so much. >> many of the children walked way with a present are homeless. today's event was organized by the ariel pigs outreach which serves displaced women and carrier. >> happier people out there. rain is already falling in parts of the bay area. mark miles gives us a if look at the forecast that could cause problems for the monday morning commute.
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10:37 pm
. here it comes again we'll take it. rain has returned to the bay area after a short break. this is what it looked like in oakland just about an hour ago. as you can see the rain at this time pretty light some people actually opt to go pray those drops without an umbrella. mark says it will pick you up overnight and probably already has.
10:38 pm
>> just amazing over the past hour the rainfall picking up moving into the bay area increasing in intensity. that trend will continue so plan to be a wet monday morning compute. you can live storm tracker 2 the coverage actually really dramatically on the increase since 9:00 this evening. you can pick out the coverage. we'll begin up in the north bay santa rosa 10:00 observation reporting moderate rainfall and some yellows probably considered heavy rainfall to the north and east of santa rosa towards sonoma. central portions of the bay essentially covered for san francisco, oakland, danville hayward with the rainfall picking up that trend will continue overnight. in the south bay san jose few scattered showers here in the central portion of the bay looking out towards san mateo and fremont. yellow cells corresponds to more spence downpours. outside of hayward rainfall incidents two tenths of an inch
10:39 pm
an hour. we're going to have increasing rainfall rates into the monday morning commute. we're tracking multiple storms this week. more rain for your monday, the chance of some thunder on tuesday as the second system moves onshore showers likely in the fray forecast. here's the headline a wet commute for monday morning. temperatures on the cool side as well mainly in the 40s to right around 50 degrees. we showed you this forecast model earlier showing you the rain showers picking up in coverage tomorrow morning at 7:00 and sticking around into the afternoon. if you want to break you'll see wraps later in the afternoon into the evening hours we scale back on the coverage and intensity by late tomorrow afternoon and into monday night. expectations with the storm number one for tomorrow will be rainfall about 3 quarters of an inch to about an inch and-a- half coastal hills could be about 2.5 inches and winds do pick up we do not have any warnings in place but winds around 30 to 40 miles an hour. storm number one for monday storm full per 2 quickly developing behind that as we head into the tuesday forecast.
10:40 pm
more rain with that subtropical moisture tap approaching northern and central california for tomorrow. at least for tomorrow we talked about that wet monday morning commute periods of rain, could be heavy at times. this is a chance of a few isolated thunderstorms, but i think a better pet as we head into the tuesday forecast. in fact look what happens by tuesday afternoon. those yellows and oranges do link up at least with heavier rainfall amounts for tuesday and we could have a few scattered thunderstorms out there. those numbers really adding up this is right on through wednesday to see those amounts almost approaching 2 inches of rain for san francisco and santa rosa 1.94. they will likely move a bet over the next few days we're talking more than a few sprinkles out there but not reaching the levels we had last week with the major storm on thursday morning. forecast highs for tomorrow mainly in the 50s. san jose 57. morgan hill 58 and here is a look ahead. more rain for your monday. this is a chance we could have
10:41 pm
an small stream flood advisory to kick in. chance of a few showers on wednesday. thursday a break and maybe some more showers for friday with weekend always in view. looks like we'll begin a extended period of dry weather. but we do need the rainfall we also need the breaks that will be happening. at least tomorrow we're going to have more raindrops to dodge out there especially for the monday morning commute. >> batten down the hatches again. >> it's basically our story over the past week. >> thank you mark. >> thanks mark. >> coming up we hear from the oakland raiders as they continue to struggle especially on the road. >> the seahawks sink the 49ers post season dreams. we'll hear from colin kaepernick after the team's defeat it's coming up next in sports wrap.
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every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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. hi everybody i'm scott reese there was so much hope back in september 49ers coming off three straight nfc title games among the favorites to reach and perhaps win the super bowl . 3.5 months of drama elimination rears its ugly head. second quarter on a fourth and one give it to frank gore he gets you more than one. how about 9 and a touchdown. 7-3 san francisco. but later in the second gore blocking bobby wagner somehow takes a shot to the head-on this play. would leave the game with a concussion. back up carlos hyde would leave with a back injury so that running backs dropping like flies. seahawks driving final seconds
10:45 pm
of the half russell wilson intercepted by eric reid runs out the clock in the half 9ers up 7-3 at the break. marshawn lynch 60-yard drive. thank you and thank you. 10-7 seahawks. 4th quarter wilson hit as he throws it's incomplete but they flag nick moody for roughing the passer. another look. very, very close call. coach here pau thinks it's the wrong call but his vote does not count. wilson hits paul richardson for the 10-yard td17-7 seattle. last chance for the 9ers 4th and one give it to bruce miller he is stuffed. that's it the seahawks win 17- 7, another scoreless 49ers second half. they are averaging less than 5 points a game after may have time. more importantly this loss
10:46 pm
officially eliminates them from playoff contention. joe fonzi with a wrap. >>reporter: the 49ers were officially eliminate from the playoffs. they felt proud of their effort in seattle. >> we fought. we fought today. that's all you can ask. we didn't make enough plays but we fought. >> it is difficult. i think it's our expectation we're going to get to the playoffs and we're going to make a run. and to not have the opportunity this year is i mean not something we're used to. >> once again, i think it goes back to execution. i mean, there's games we haven't executed and we didn't finish the way we should have from the chicago game to the raiders game. those are two that pop out in my head finishing the rams game is another one. that's 3 games right there where i mean, if you're 10-4 instead of 7-7, it's a big
10:47 pm
difference at this point. >> what are you guys hoping to do in these final two games? >> like you said make a statement. come out forget everything. just play football and play with some of the greatest guys ever frank gore and justin submit these are guys that probably aren't going to be here next year. fight for them and proud to go out about him you're playing for pride now it's a tough situation. i've been in this situation before but this team hasn't seen it in a while. so you know it's one of those things you really just got to be a man about it, go out do your job be a professional. >>reporter: so it's an unfamiliar role for the 49ers in the final two weeks of the season that of the spoiler as san diego and arizona come to levi stadium. then comes what promises to be an off season full of change. in seattle i'm joe fonzi for sports wrap. joe thanks. remember a few weeks back when the raiders were 0-10 they beat the chiefs? you know who else remembers? yeah. today was pay back day.
10:48 pm
oakland at kansas city and coach sporano uphill battle from the get go. scoreless game 1st quarter and anthony thomas good weekend to be an oregon duck. marcus mariot' wins the heisman. 10-3 chiefs at the half. 3rd quarter a glimmer of hope for oakland. travis kelsey with a catch. gets popped and hey, look what i found. c. j. wilson thank you. back to the chief 15 led to a raider field goal. it is 10-6 very much a game at this point but then the chiefs blow it open in the 3rd quarter. 17-3 and goodness what happened there. derrick car just flat out fumbles the snap recovered by frank some would of kc couple of plays later it's alex smith kelsey hangs on this time 20- yard touchdown, 24-6. next drive for kansas city they pour it on. out of the backfield niles davis takes it 70 yards. alex smith 297 passing yards.
10:49 pm
his most in a kc uniform and when all is said and done 31-1 the chiefs stay in the playoff hunt at 8-6 la taste just murry 59 yards on 12 carries today oakland women host buffalo next week. not to pile on but the cowboys may be the anti-49 earth this season. expectations nonconsistent but here they are in the driver's seat for division title and in the running for the top seed in the nfc. huge sunday night showdown with the eagles. 4th quarter tony romo go to work. and finding his famous target dez bryant 25 yards and in. bryant had 3 touchdowns demarco murry had 2 and the cowboys win on the road 38-27. battle of ohio bengals browns johnny manziel. didn't go so well. jeremy hill 16 yards of his 148 open the day look at this drive to leap into the stands the
10:50 pm
fans say you're not in cincinnati son go away. but this was all bengals. manziel flushed desperation heave and is intercepted by pacman jones 80 passing yards and two picks for jonny football. 30-0 cincinnati a winner. broncos chargers peyton manning battling through illness still making plays. 9-3 broncos in the third. that's going to be 6 more. today marius thomas 28 yards. 22-10. broncos clinch the afc west. tough day for arron rogers 17 of 42 passing threw a couple of picks watch the bills turn into this special teams masterpiece. punt return 75 yardsment he's got a convoy. and he's in. bills win 21-13, their first 8 win season in a decadement they will be in oakland next week. steelers falcons a lot of
10:51 pm
offense and just enough defense courtesy of one william gay as he picks off matt ryan and he will take it left sideline. cut it back around the big fella that will be a 52-yard pick six. the steelers win 27-20. three teams with 9 wins in the afc north. still to come kobe bryant makes big time nba history i will show you how and how the warriors found yet another way to win a game. that's next. i'm crust mike jubby roll bond chow gonna lean up an kiss bet.
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. this portion of sports wrap brought to you by the letter w and the number 16. warrior season results w is up and down the page 16 of them to be exact. but today's win came in a new and different way. ducks and pelicans. anthony davis sat out for new orleans. 2nd quarter steph curry drive and kick. klay thompson open 3, yes sir. warriors by a duce.
10:55 pm
thompson with 29. good ball movement here draymond green to a cutting shaun livingston and the finish. livingston had 12 off the bench. warriors by 9 at the break. 4th quarter here come the pelicans. tyreke evans steps back 3 of his 34. new orleans up by 8. warriors would answer andre iguodala maybe his best game of the season. he was fantastic with a season high 20 points. 3 there and then curry what you got. steph, well he misses pupates does not. we go overtime. in ot green but it on the deck. beating ryan anderson and the foul. warriors by 4 and the dagger courtesy of you guessed it, mr. curry. he had a game high 34 and ho hum warriors win again 16 in a row. 16 in a row after a 6 point win. >> we had to do it by
10:56 pm
committee and andre iguodala did some great things tonight. draymond huge blocks huge rebounds. >> we defended took care of the ball we didn't do either one we turned it over didn't guard but thankfully we got really really talented players and we have an incredibly strong competitive desire to win, and that was important tonight. >> lakers t-wolves kobe bryant needed 9 points to pass michael jordan for third on the all time nba scoring list. here he knocks down the triple so here he is two points away. he gets him at the free-throw line but they still can't. kobe number 3 on the all time list they win the game 100 to 94. been a strange early season for stanford women's basketball,
10:57 pm
they beat number one uconn lose 2 of the next 3 to texas and north carolina. first half. bonnie samuelsson drive and the ditch. she had 11. cardinal up by 19 at the break. second half good paul movement. samuelsson to ampere orange who puts on the breaks gets the duce, more fast break transition basketball, orange with the steal she will finish 2 more for 20. caylee johnson 22 rebounds stanford rolled 82-43 and one final late breaking note yahoo sports reporting the sacramento kings have fired head coach mike malone. they are 11-13. funny sacramento not that far geographically but worlds away in terms of basketball right now. >> how about them warriors. >> how about them warriors. >> thank you for making ktvu your source for news. >> join the ktvu morning news
10:58 pm
starting at 4:30 we'll have the very late on the commuting conditions and the rain. thank you for joining us we'll see you next week.
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